Scour Your Floors in San Antonio, TX

Improve your kitchen or bathroom with tile cleaning services

You should be able to walk barefoot in your home without stepping in grime or dirt. Cross Cleaning Company can help with that. Our tile cleaning services leave your tile flooring squeaky clean. When we come to your home, we'll inspect, clean and seal your tile and grout.

Typical sweeping, mopping and scrubbing won't get to the dirt and mold clinging to the grout between your tiles. You need a professional to get the dirt out of hard-to-reach places. By the time we're done with it, your tile floor will look as good as new.

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Keep your house safe and sanitary with regular grout cleaning

Bacteria can hide in the grout between your tiles and pose a serious health threat. Take care of your family by reaching out to us for grout cleaning. Unlike tile, grout is porous and can be difficult to clean without the proper resources. We have the tools and skills to effectively clean your grout.

Once we've cleaned your grout, we'll seal it to keep it from deteriorating. We can also recolor grout, adding a modern flair to your tiling and making it harder to see discoloration. Painting grout black is a popular choice.

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